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9 posts from September 2009

September 28, 2009

@6:57 (9/24)

why the web should adopt a subscription model. boo yah.

urban art.

good maps mashup of twitter trends in real-time.

newsweek reviews one of our projects.

diesel talking heads.

the infamous keith hernandez incident on seinfeld.

@5:45 (9/18)

keep fucking that chicken. yep, said it.

the front page of every newspaper in the world. well, a whole lot of them.

fun stuff from hbo. better have a fast interwebs connection though.

kinda wanted these.

steve nash being funny.

zombie API for foursquare. get your geek on.

PSA about the different kinds of strangers you may encounter.

hot chicks with dogs with boners. brought to you by hot chicks picking up shit.

cool digital stuff happening in nyc... a week ago.

@9:57 (9/17)

the next big thing is microluxury. um suuurrrrreeee.

the cp+b group's page for their client, guitar hero. some awesome drummers. and stuff.

free source code for cp+b group's new page/tool.

fuck yeah universal health care.

great video from the avalanches.

hopenhagen. word.

nerdcore video dating awkwardness montage. priceless.

September 14, 2009

@4:42 (9/10)

scroll down for an amazing shot of a sailor climbing a mast.

poor xtine got her bike stolen. i hope she gets revenge.

design with intent.

one pic is worth a thousand words. literally.

madoff's penthouse can be yours... for a cool $10 million.

foursquare: worth somewhere between $7 - $14 million.

hot chicks picking up dog shit. simple as that.

yeah, i missed this show. why?!?!?!!? (slightly NSFW)

ralph lauren getting all digi up in this piece.

here's a thought: pay college kids to sell your stuff.

hilarious new app from puma.

the motorola cliq.. with motoblur.

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@7:23 (9/8)

just a nice calendar concept made real.

a crazy gif loop (you have to click the image).

more on wikitude and the open/crowd -sourced AR development.

an awesome interactive re-organization of visual complexity. really worth a use/look.

helvetica skin for google calendar.

the grease monkey script for it.

and now i will slice my gut open and choke you with my large intestine.

djokovic and mcenroe... doing what they do.

how i live my life: like a boss.

no more good in fashion photogs these days.

conan and hunter s. thompson: drinking whiskey and shooting weapons.

sentiment analysis and what's wrong with it.

seth godin responding to bud caddell's post above.

and noah brier tosses his hat in the ring as well.

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September 08, 2009

@9:00 (9/3)

the mixtape club. a good one from steve rura.

just a great art blog. day in, day out.

you can buy me this any time.

the bar for success in our industry is too low. i think this applies to everything.

friends, not editors, are shaping internet habits. nice little piece on what i like to call social curation.

@6:39 (9/2)

the new interactive web trends map. still playing with it.

a new blog... about bad advertising. who knew?

grow interactive.

largetail. opposite of long tail?

do not glorify aesthetics. a data vis manifesto.

the data vis manifesto... from manuel lima.

breaking down the new cooper union. i love this building.

the viral video chart.

something good from slate.

unnatural selection. my friend's younger brother, who is a badass artist.

and his site/portfolio.

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@6:11 (9/1)

people are leaving facebook. they're calling it an exodus.

a new gadget blog? at least to me.

the white people subway map for nyc. pretty funny commentary.

i like these.


some really funny condom ads. mostly SFW.

good time lapse stop-motion of beard growth/walk through china.

augmented reality... in a contact lens.

welcome to optimism.

this dude was going to jump from the brooklyn bridge. he didn't.

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@7:10 (8/31)

posterous. not sold on this one yet.

massively cute puppy refusing to wake up.

teens do more than just text from their phones. go figure.

the bmw efficient dynamics concept. nice.

why don't teens tweet? i'm tweeting this right now.

goollery. a collection of all things google mash-up. a great index.

yoono? i'd rather not.

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