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November 05, 2009

@6:56 (11/4)

also think i've posted this before: super awesome tattoo artist does laser-cut art from stacks of dollar bills. navigate to the "art" section of his site (all flash, so i can't drop you directly on the section).

can twitter monetize is users? can we stop asking these rhetorical questions that no one but twitter can answer?

if you know me, you know i LOVE ceramics. used to throw pots back home. if i lived in LA, i would've gone to this and spent whatever i had left to buy at least one of these custom canisters.

and the studio from where these canisters came.

the man who named the imac "imac." cool story. would like more details though.

the "cloud" and a cnn reporter. makes me think about what happens when all those data systems fail at one point or another. back to zero?

go to 10:19 to see some hilarity from the daily show.


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