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10 posts from November 2009

November 20, 2009

@8:07 (11/19)

the audience reaction to an ad partnership i created and brokered.

the new engadget. loving it.

proof of the mega fox "toe-thumb."

some other cool web dudes i'd like to meet.

wondering how this is different than ical + my iphone.

behold the techno viking archive. genius.

clients from hell. the blog.

cool vid for kool keith + tom waits.

the making of space chair.

good quotes on filtering.

good stats about iphone moms.

@6:55 (11/17)

hilarious dennis quaid stunt featured on the ellen show.

i want to enter this just because i want the server... REAL BAD.

a bar in brooklyn. yep, they exist.

clothes shopping... augmented reality style.

i want all of these vinyls for the walls i don't have.

some web dudes i get to meet next week. pumped.

@5:59 (11/13)

try pitching a no-hitter... ON ACID.

george brett shit his pants. autotuned.

awesome photographs. navigate to "midway." then observe the destruction of pollution.

sorry mom i bang the worst dudes. yep, it's true. you do.

i really like this guy's art.

rhymefest on hypemachine. odb makes an appearance on the track. aka durt mcgurt, aka big baby jesus.

November 13, 2009

@5:47 (11/12)

great anatomy art with veggies.

hype for type. yay.

i liked these pictures.

and i would like this funny clock.

i love scarves. this is a lot of them.

ZOMG tim burton moma spot. funtastic.

go here. click on "work" and then click on "food parcel" 

donald judd. cool artist.

sales guy versus web dude. annnnnd FIGHT.

fuck you scott bell. GREAT simple tumblr idea.

good, thoughtful piece on disabled/abled athletes.

my new bible.

@6:56 (11/11)

dope wall murals with love letters in them....

THIS IS AWESOME: the avatar machine recreates your real life to make it seem as if you're in a first-person-shooter game.

i liked this approach to new business + real estate in nyc.

the unreasonable institute. i want to go.

looking at keyboard shortcuts for google wave. need more.

want to know if there's anything after the credits of that move you're watching? this site will tell you. it's like flesh of the stars.. but without the pr0n.

holy effing ess i would like to buy one of these bikes.

fox news shadiness stops for no man.

great spot from canal+ over there in france.

your house can tweet.

interesting take on that crazy women's soccer player from new mexico.

an experiment in exquisite corpse.

November 11, 2009

@9:07 (11/10)

anything frank lloyd wright designed, i want.

good blog from a buddy of mine.

dank nugz. the blog. cuz you can.

a good blog from the founder of @bigspaceship. word.

win $100,000 for your 140 seconds.

remember this one from sony? yeah. still good.

spacecraft uses starlight for propulsion. what the eff?!

trillions. a video that puts computing and information in perspective.

a cool machine that manipulates text. then makes it all crazy for projection purposes.

one more on vimeo. this time on typography.

a drunk woman falls onto subway tracks. comes out unscathed. all on tape.

madoff's crazy expensive watch that is up for auction.

that inspired me to google the watch model and find this incredible story.

some crazy modulator software.

a good digital production agency some friends started.

the script that powers the new preview feature on opentabs.

and now me doing tons of research on shortcuts to coding a site:

psd to html


dynamic drive

my trying to figure out how in the world to edit the html and css of this site having no previous idea/experience:


color codes

margin values and their meaning

November 10, 2009

@7:00 (11/9)

learn something new every day. simple. easy. self-explanatory. perfect.

a really cool game called machinarium. play the demo. get hooked. buy the game.

incredible showreel from production company called The Mill.

this is overkill. 135 digital tools for social media. really? i need 135? how bout three. three really good ones. let's start there.

twitter, meet geo-tagging. geo-tagging, meet twitter. begin.

popurls. hadn't been here in a bit. some great improvements on the site.

alltop. guy kawasakis project.. much like popurls.

speaking of those three social media tools, this could probably be one of them.

oh pomplamoose, how i like thee so. remix of michael jackson's 'beat it.'

cannot wait for the blackroc album to drop 11/27/09.

everyone's been talking about it on the 'nets. burberry's art of the trench. cool for now. but cool forever?

is it christmas? click and find out.

November 05, 2009


god i wish facebook actually looked like this.

a look back at previous Art Director's Club logos.

9 digital trends to watch in 2010. really dude?

get smart.

more on crowdsourcing. ugh.

the "dislike" button on facebook. i wish.

content IS advertising. finkle IS einhorn.

great desk radio concept.

@6:56 (11/4)

also think i've posted this before: super awesome tattoo artist does laser-cut art from stacks of dollar bills. navigate to the "art" section of his site (all flash, so i can't drop you directly on the section).

can twitter monetize is users? can we stop asking these rhetorical questions that no one but twitter can answer?

if you know me, you know i LOVE ceramics. used to throw pots back home. if i lived in LA, i would've gone to this and spent whatever i had left to buy at least one of these custom canisters.

and the studio from where these canisters came.

the man who named the imac "imac." cool story. would like more details though.

the "cloud" and a cnn reporter. makes me think about what happens when all those data systems fail at one point or another. back to zero?

go to 10:19 to see some hilarity from the daily show.

@6:22 (11/3)

jonathan harris doing his thing. more prophesy than profound. but worth thinking about nonetheless.

i just had a geeky/funny impulse to see if someone owned this url: http://www.asm.org/ turns out someone does. and it's not at all funny/geeky/pervy.

incredible map cutout art. see it to believe it.

loopt is trying to get into the foursquare biz. and then out foursquare foursquare. (also biz is the first name of a twitter founder--biz stone--too much digital convergence free association going through my brain)

i posted this before, but it's unbelievable. tapestry made from golden silk spun by spiders.

all the cool dig-y stuff that the nytimes has done online. (the clock in the top right really freaks me out)

cool stop motion/clay mation thing.

christopher walken meets lady gaga. and then performs her song. whoa.