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January 25, 2010

@5:45 (1/22)

this is a collection of things that i look at online. i'm building a service that will let everyone do the same. check it out and sign up.

fat kid + sword + sweatpants + ponytail = internet awesometown.

welcome to controlled serendipity. welcome to why i've started voyurl.

passive aggressive wifi hotspot names.

which let me to this site dedicated to passive aggressive notes.

and also led me to this tumblr about wifi hotspot names.

the new film from james cameron: avatard.

the internet IS reality tv.

interesting digital tactic from band of skulls... you tweet about them, they give you a free mp3.

i will live here one day.

an augmented reality t-shirt that plays a game with you.

i like this subway map of the milky way.

a search site for all your social networks. i'm still on the fence on this one.

a great twitter data vis about the spread of a hashtag through the network.

a cool project by a guy to visualize his on-screen mouse activity over the course of the day. and the opensourced spread of that engineering.

who's the genius behind this PR failure?

siblings or dating dot com.

a graph of reader paths on the kindle.

what serena williams' ass tells us about the credit swap crisis.


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voyurl...is that sort of like...delicious and other bookmark services, or what? Confusing.

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