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January 27, 2010

@6:26 (1/25)

this is a collection of things that i look at online. i'm building a service that will let everyone do the same. check it out and sign up.

guess what? you're brain is going to explode from all those facebook friends you keep.

noooooooooooooooo dot com.

why didn't someone make this sooner? timed social media updates. they go out when you schedule them.

everything is not going to be okay. read this and live knowing it.

oh blippy.. do i have something you're going to like.

another good partnership with foursquare. i'm enjoying seeing these pop up and what is done with them.

a good song.

really nate berkus? twitter backgrounds? no wonder twitter activity is plateauing.

the death of tv as we know it is one step closer. the harbinger? live cricket via youtube. yes, cricket.

man seeking woman. must be super villain.


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