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February 09, 2010

@6:57 (2/9)

this is a collection of things that i look at online. i'm building a service that will let everyone do the same. check it out and sign up.

the future well dot com. it's about our future. and it being well.

dope watch from the musée internationale d'horlogerie that i like. A LOT.

some animated gif-age.

a guy's posterous i ran into on the internets.

twilio let's you dump calling functions into any site via code with 6 simple API calls.

one article on google buzz.

and another article on google buzz

an aside: is google buzz really going to revolutionize stuff? or will it go the way of the wave? i'm 60/40 on it, but jealous of google's ability to straight get that shit done.

the best animated intro for a hockey team on the planet.

candy hair. the video. 'nuff said.

for some reason this amazing image is titled "Turkey Cheese Fries." who knows.

greg rutter's 99 things you should have seen on the internet.

and his list of the other 99 things you should have also seen.

just so you know, this is exactly the kind of thing i'm building voyurl to help facilitate: web discovery through what your friends are looking at. in the future, voyurl will help you curate this list. so everyone will have the most relevant to them. and to the over all population.


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