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May 09, 2010

@7:38 (4/16)

this is a collection of things that i look at online. i'm building a service that will let everyone do the same.

sign up for it here.

a jacket i was looking at but certainly don't need.

my buddy, john fischer, got profiled on the converse blog. go big feesha!

the tweet o meeter.

some fan forced himself to vomit on another person in a new form of rivalry-harassment.

need to know what time it is somewhere else? this is the best tool ever.

classic bikes. expensive.

more expensive classically styled bikes.

on gaga.

a few of my friends are featured in this vid about an ad agency's employees and their tattoos.

yahoo tries to nab foursquare for $125 Million in cash. what would you do?

a really cool restaurant/dining experience in manhattan.

scaling twitter using cassandraDB. enthralling, but necessary.


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