April 27, 2010

@5:30 (4/13)

this is a collection of things that i look at online. i'm building a service that will let everyone do the same. 

check it out and sign up.

twitter's plan to draw money from ads. i really hate the advertising model in social media platforms. it's a lazy strategy.

media habits of 18 year-olds.

new processors from apple. they run at 100º. no joke.

social networking vs. email. which one do you think is the most popular form of communication?

thoughts on twitter's promoted tweets program.

more on the 'promoted tweets' biz model.

twitter buying up the building blocks of its own ecosystem. starting with mobile apps.

the twitter conference. you know about this.

leaked screenshots of the twitter redesign.

evan williams' message to developers.

google docs gets a collaboration upgrade.

eric schmidt says that mobile is the future... and there's no such thing as overload.

netvibes launching some nice real-time functionality.

can you believe the opera mini browser got approved for iphone?!

stuff that fails.

denim debate dot com. if you want to learn about jeans, this is the spot.

the microsoft kin teaser.

what women want.

stupid fight: tells you who has stupider followers on twitter. pretty fun.

@7:00 (4/12)

this is a collection of things that i look at online. i'm building a service that will let everyone do the same. 

check it out and sign up.

twitter is about to create and retake its own ecosystem. shit.

tweetup... pay to get your tweets to the top of the list.

some really big content delivery network.

answerbag. interesting concept.

a fella i'm working with helped get this label off the ground. apparently, it won some serious awards.

and the label's site. sikiim.

lots of tension between twitter and developers. uh oh.

cool to take a peek into steve jobs' replies to consumers questions/etc.

conan o'brien is moving to TBS? WTF?!

business plan versus business model. which is more important? interesting point of view here.

looking for the funkadelic's missing mothership.

@7:33 (4/9)

this is a collection of things that i look at online. i'm building a service that will let everyone do the same. 

check it out and sign up.

dinocroc vs supergator. this is real. i caught some of it on syfy (don't ask).

the human centipede. um, whoa.

how new york subways are made.

infidelity by the numbers. interesting analysis.

this future obscura exhibition looks pretty cool.  

please buy me this ferrari 599 GTO. thank you.

anomaly's 'did you stay late last night?' decision tree from darren.

chris rock tearing into letterman... on letterman's show!

@7:27 (4/8)

this is a collection of things that i look at online. i'm building a service that will let everyone do the same. 

check it out and sign up.

an incredible video, pixels. it's what would happen if space invaders... well... invaded.

internet freedom. we can always use some.

this is long walk for a fake site.

victory lap. a song.

a continuous lean. if you don't know, now you know.

some charts about unique visitors to sites and stuff.

we had this idea for chipotle. apparently, everything's possible in israel.

the insane clown posse doing some insane shit.

multitasking on mashable.

and iAds in the new OS4.0 for iPhone. great. this will be annoying.

@6:26 (4/7)

this is a collection of things that i look at online. i'm building a service that will let everyone do the same. 

check it out and sign up.

what it's like to fly the fastest jet in america's history.

i wanted to go to this really badly.

looks like big brother nike is ripping off some of our ideas from band of ballers.

this dude is way too smart.

a nice bit of diginarcissism from uniqlo.

what are you eating right now?

i really like NB 1500s. there, i said it.

how to make a bookmarklet for your application.

go figure: facebook and google dominate some more shit online.

a blog that i sent to myself, but i'm not sure why.

April 05, 2010

@8:40 (4/2)

why some people won't be buying an ipad. hmmmmmm.

sometime adobe just gets it so right. need color combos? go here.

this fucking smiling dog IS the internet.

a good mix from my man, the big asian, DLO.

chipotle is doing the geo-love with gowalla. 

facebook is thinking about a relationship function à la match.com or whatever. seriously this is wrong.

awesome new old spice adds. even better than the earlier ones.

make a chart day on friday. mine's in there.

thirtydaysny.com. does what it says.

considering these and these. turns out one is already bought up.

this is just moronic.

@6:15 (4/1)

some front-end developers.

google changes its name to topeka for day. kansas pride, whut!

creepy but cool abandoned places. modern ruins.

i can't wait to find all these hidden throughout manhattan.

i'd like these. these. these. and then also these. thanks.

wartime photography brought to you by the iphone.

my future jeep. i will run you over.

a shopping site.

@10:45 (3/31)

another car i can't afford to ever own. 

pretty cool treatment to some portrait work: rainbow bodies.

some crazy robotic stuff that i don't know how to do that makes cool art.

twitter's nine month bounce on users and their activity.

great new track from lcd soundsystem: drunk girls.

not bad.

good track. and some bboy-ing.

a new music blog to add to the long list.

notorious b.i.g. x the xx. cop this shit.

some nice stuff from nokia. will like to see how this predicitive/habit learning-tech evolves.

i thought this was a joke. but turns out it's not.

i think i'll get to help build/do something like this for one of our clients at bonnaroo.

good funny stuff from robot chicken

crowd sourcing a mystery from twitter, maps, and a little deduction. cool how things can come together.

interdisciplinarity. yeah. say that five times fast.

this is how simplegeo intends to make a TRUCKLOAD of cash. $10k/month? damnnnn.

how you really break up with someone: draw them a pic of you riding a giraffe. works every time.

a smart talk from fred wilson of USV. tips to make good web apps... like ones he'll fork over millions for.

@7:41 (3/30)

a tron-themed track. it is trontastic.

cool music vid.

who. is. butters. no, not that butters.

inappropriate books for kids. now you're talking.

another coding mad scientist. good shit all around. 

annnnd the youtube redesign is available for everyone. been enjoying it for a while now.

a nice gallery of people with too much plastic surgery. ugh.

it's things like this that make me realize i need to get to tokyo. stat.

how do political beliefs change over time?

guessing apple's stock price...

the expendables. "when you're pushed, killin's ass easy as breathin.'" 

what the fuck is whoopi doing?

this poor kid gets devastated after being told his is, in fact, NOT a single lady.

@8:55 (3/29)

for any fans of csi miami. this should've happened sooner.

good post from a friend of a friend.

media agencies are crap.

i don't even know what this diagram is trying to accomplish.


the seven needs of real time curators. maybe? either way, good to see some thought given to this stuff.

our bodies. our junk. a sex 'ed' book for dudes, by dudes.

content aware fill from adobe. shiiiiiiiiiiiiit.

this is the best tumblr theme. EVAR. (michael bublé being stocked by a velociraptor. trust me on this one.)

i mean i like this.. but i just don't know where it's going.

bang da bunny. whoa.

the internets are all aflutter over this grade school reenactment of scarface. i think it's retarded.

meanwhile, there is awesome shit like animated llamas to be watching. so much better.